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10/04/22 - How to be successful on your Pitboss interview


What is the Pitboss?


  • Dealing with upper management
  • Dealing with peers
  • Dealing with table games staff
  • Dealing with regulatory bodies
  • Dealing with the customers


It’s a fact, that the casino Pitboss is the hardest job going in any casino. So, when applying for this position you will need to demonstrate the basic competencies and supervisor skills that are required to successfully carry out this role.


Be one step ahead of the game knowing what questions may be asked and having your answers ready and prepared.


  • What do you consider the essential qualities of a supervisor?


Make sure you include the keywords in your answer;

Communicating, internal/external customer service, proactive planning, scheduling, motivating, decision-making, delegating, mentoring, dispute resolving and impartiality.


  • Describe your Pitboss style of management.


Remember always that there is no right or wrong answer. However, you should be demonstrated that your style is appropriate to the situation and you have the ability to adapt your style to the person(s) you are dealing with. You will be expected to provide examples so withdraw from your memory bank the experiences where you have had to adapt your style to different circumstances and to meet different needs.


  • How do you motivate your pit staff?


The keyword in this answer is ‘feedback’. Show how you motivate your team by ensuring each team member has clarity on their role, what they are expected to do and what is not expected from them. Discuss how you set your team's clear and realistic goals, and how you individual feedback on the positive and negative aspects of their work as well as in a group.


  •  Tell me about a time a table employee made a serious error under your charge. How did you handle it?



Include in your answer how your ability to communicate openly helped you understand not only how the error occurred but how you prevented this error from happening again with this particular and other employees. That you viewed the error as a learning opportunity to improve future performance.


  • Describe a time you had to introduce an important change in your present or last casino.


The casino industry is continually evolving however casino employees, in general, are reluctant to change. Your ability to introduce a change in an encouraging manner that gave you the backing and understanding from your team is a crucial aspect of your role. Include examples of how your team responded positively due to the appropriate communication style you used. Also how you listened and responded to concerns, how you achieved their support and the final impact on the business due to this change.


  • Describe a time you had to manage conflict amongst your pit staff.


Your example can show how you identified the source of conflict, used the conflict situation as a constructive process to exchange opinions and ideas and clarify roles and responsibilities. Discuss how you kept the focus on the desired outcome rather than on personal grievances.


  • Tell me about a time you had to motivate a team member to perform a task.


Coaching and developing your pit staff is a major part of the pitboss. Questions regarding the development of your staff should include your ability to agree on the outcomes and methods of coaching with the employee, to explain and demonstrate task performance, and to observe and provide constructive feedback.


  • Tell me about a short term plan you developed for your pit and /or the casino.


Here the interviewer wishes to see your ability to plan and organise. This is your chance to demonstrate your ability to set priorities, establish objectives, how you used the resources at your disposal and how you reached your target.


  • When evaluating a dealer/inspector/supervisors’ performance what are your key factors?


This question is designed to assess your own performance standards. Show how you set high standards for both yourself and your pit staff, how you communicate your expectations and how you monitor their performance. The key is to show that your standards are achievable, and realistic but are in line with the casino’s own mission statement.




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