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06/04/23 - The Lost Art of Casino Training

Have you ever wondered how casino dealers are trained? Well, there's a unique system that one school has been using for the past 20 years. They accept anyone who wants to become a dealer and give them the opportunity to learn new skills in chip manipulation, calculations, and customer service. 


The classes are accelerated, which means that in just four weeks, students learn how to deal three to four games including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. They don't waste time on carnival games! 


After a brief induction and agreement on the rules, students start with chipping, size-cut, and basic roulette math exercises. By day two, they start the drop cut and expand on calculations. By day three, additional chip manipulation exercises are added, and on day four, ball spinning exercises and card dealing are introduced. 


The school measures and records each student's progress on five trials of each exercise. By the end of the week, the data is fed back to each student, so they are aware of their development progress, weaknesses, and strengths. 


The school's accelerated method is so successful that students are way ahead of any other school. If a student is unable to show progress in the skills test or is not able to become vocal, they are released from the program. 


Within the second week, students start learning the rules and objectives of the games. By the end of the second week, they are expected to be at least roulette dealers. 


The school's success is so great that after week two, they start new training schools for new starters and run the two schools simultaneously. This means they can accept more students, and the release onto the gaming floor is staggered, making Pitboss's life much easier. 


Week three is when the full games begin, and the additional curriculum such as responsible gaming, customer service, and working for tips is introduced. Week four is extra curriculum and practice on realistic games. 


The school's objective is to produce highly skilled dealer staff that are vocal and speak up in their dealing, are aware of the importance of fluidity in the games, are comfortable with the uncomfortable situations of the job role, know when to speak and not speak, when to laugh and not laugh, are very competitive with their colleagues, and above all, enjoy what they are doing. 


The school always collects data and uses it to support any of its claims. They have their own opinion, but in this industry, where everyone is an expert, they prefer factual data to support their theories.


► WATCH: Introducing fluidity into dealing Roulette in Nepal


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