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03/07/23 - Gaming Goldmine: Spain's Online Gaming Market Booms with 50% Year-On-Year Growth

In the first quarter of this year, Spain experienced a 2.76% decrease in gross gaming revenue (GGR) compared to the fourth quarter of last year. However, there was a significant increase of 50.96% compared to the first quarter of 2022.


According to the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, out of the total GGR of €304.92 million in Q1, €143.36 million came from casinos, making it the highest revenue-generating segment. Betting followed closely behind with €130.6 million in revenue, the second highest among all segments.


Poker accounted for 8.97% of the GGR, while bingo and contests contributed 1.10% and 0.08% respectively.


In the casino segment, there was a quarterly revenue rise of 0.64%, and an impressive 29.19% increase compared to Q1 2022. The highest growth rate was observed in slots, with a remarkable 31.29% increase, closely followed by live roulette.


In the betting segment, the GGR of €130.6 million represented a 7.65% decrease from Q4 2022, but a significant 100.1% increase year-on-year.


Among all segments, contests showed the most substantial growth, with revenue climbing an astonishing 730.4% quarter over quarter. However, the DGOJ noted that this figure may be attributed to some "irregular behaviour" within this segment.


Despite the regulatory reforms implemented in Spain's gambling industry over the past few years, including stricter marketing and sponsorship restrictions, the latest figures indicate that these reforms have not hindered growth. Two years after the implementation of these changes, it is evident that the industry continues to thrive.


In the first quarter, marketing spending amounted to €93.3 million (US$101.66 million). This expenditure was divided into affiliate spending (€11.8 million or US$12.85).


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