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1. Find a ship that meets your needs:

  • Provide the Reference No. from our website.
  • AACASINO LTD can locate almost any ship to suit your needs, including those not currently listed.

2. Once you choose a ship to buy:

  • Authorize AACASINO to create a non-binding Offer to Purchase (LOI) for the ship owner.
  • We will send you the draft LOI for approval and signature.
  • Once we receive the signed LOI, we will forward it to the ship Owner/Seller for review.

3. After the LOI is presented and terms are agreed:

  • Arrange a visual inspection of the ship (a 4 to 6-hour tour).
  • If you can't visit, consider a virtual tour via Zoom, FaceTime, or video.
  • If you decide to proceed, a Purchase Contract (MOA) will be prepared by us or the Seller.

4. Purchase Contract details:

  • The MOA will outline all terms, conditions, and price.
  • Includes details like required deposit, closing date, and cancellation terms.
  • A deposit of 10% to 20% is typically due within 3 days of signing the MOA.
  • Buyer has the right to conduct a ship survey at their expense.
  • A survey report will be provided, and based on this, the Buyer and Seller will proceed to closing.

The ship buying process is complex and may need further explanation.

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