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23/12/21 - Crypto Betting and Its Infrastructure in India

Crypto Betting and Its Infrastructure in India

Is Online Betting with Crypto Possible and Safe in India?

When it comes to online betting, one of the important factors to check on a site is the payment options. This determines how convenient your gaming experience will be. Fortunately, the majority of online betting sites today offer customers a plethora of payment solutions but now that many online industries are starting to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies, can you also bet with Bitcoin and other cryptos?


Cryptocurrency gambling has been practiced for a while now and many would say that it is convenient and safe. Cryptocurrency holders find that using Bitcoin or other cryptos is the best way to avoid restrictions or limitations that are in place in their location when it comes to gambling.

For example, in India, betting sites that don’t allow transactions if Rupees are prohibited. However, there is still no law that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos and bookies. 

What to Consider When Betting with Crypto

While it is already possible to bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and many other altcoins, there are still betting sites that don’t have this option yet. There are also gaming sites that only transact with their customers through the use of cryptocurrencies but most of the time, gaming options on those sites are a bit limited.

Aside from checking if you can use cryptos when betting on certain casino sites or bookies, there are also other important factors to consider. One of these is the reputation of the operator. You can easily check on this by visiting casino review sites. What’s great about going through review sites is that you get to have a deep insight as to how an operator treats its customers.

Most review sites these days are thorough when it comes to giving you all the details you need. It’s a one-stop place to check on details that matter like what payment options are available on the site, what real money games are offered, what kind of sports you can bet on, and many more.

It’s also best that you check on a site’s timelines for giving payouts to their customers. If you’ve been using cryptos for a while now, you probably already know that you may have to pay fees when processing payments. Generally, expect that minimal fees may apply when purchasing cryptos and transacting with them.

Many bettors would also consider how generous a bookie is concerning promos and bonuses. There are many types of bonuses that bookies would offer. Typically, for Bitcoin casinos and bookies, more bonuses are offered because they can afford to do so. On the business side of things, it’s mostly cheaper to process crypto payments compared to fiat currencies. With that, many of them are also trying to promote crypto transactions. Hence offering better bonuses to crypto users.

How Safe is Crypto Betting and What Are Its Other Advantages?

The majority of cryptocurrency users are quick to claim that usage of cryptocurrencies is the safest payment method. It is hard to manipulate Bitcoin transactions because it utilizes blockchain technology. Blockchain is a system of recording information that is impossible to change, hack, or cheat. Every transaction ever made with crypto is recorded and can easily be traced when needed.

Even if this is the case, privacy is still guaranteed because records will only show wallet addresses instead of the user’s actual information. That’s why many gamblers prefer using Bitcoin when playing online.

They get to avoid gambling-related transactions on their bank records. In some countries, people with gambling transactions in the past few months may not be allowed to take out loans or mortgages. With cryptos, this is something that they can avoid. Another advantage is that cryptos are still invulnerable to the impact of geopolitical tensions and government policies. There are only a few countries that have imposed a ban on the use of digital currencies and cryptos are decentralized in nature. This makes Bitcoin a versatile payment option.

If you’re traveling and you want to bet online, fiat currency exchange could be a hassle. You may also end up having less money value once you have your currency exchanged. All that can be avoided if you make transactions with cryptos instead. Since the recent all-time high of Bitcoin, many people showed more interest in cryptocurrencies and even NFT gaming. With that, we can expect that crypto usage will increase in the coming years. As this happens, more businesses including betting sites will be motivated to use cryptocurrencies too.


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