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14/04/22 - Dealers going for a Table Test

What to Wear to a Dealer Audition?

If you are wearing jeans and a tee shirt, your chances of getting hired drop considerably. Instead, wear traditional black and white dealer clothes and show you want to be able to step right into a game.

When you present yourself for an audition, the bosses will make the assumption that you are groomed and dressed like you will be for your first day at work. Memorize the pit bosses names. If there is a problem or issue, use their name. That's impressive!


Casinos Hire Friendly Dealers

Customer service is the buzz word at every casino in the country. As a casino dealer you will interact directly with players and casino personnel their entire shift. A pleasant personality goes a long way! Obviously the first step is to smile. Improve your chances of being considered by being pleasant. Keep your head up, that beautiful smile on your face, and be confident in your ability! 


Greet the Players

This is your first test! Did you greet the players? Say hello and add something like "How is everybody today?" That's lets them know you are friendly. Players hate dull, boring dealers. 


Don't Worry about House Procedures

Once you get hired, you need to memorize and adhere to every house dealing procedure perfectly. Today, don't worry about it. The bosses know you are not fully acquainted with their exact rules. They want to see you interact with the players. They want to see your manual dexterity. What they don't want to see is you using extravagant moves. If the Pitboss informs you they have a certain procedure, use that procedure immediately to show you can adapt.


Know Your Simple Payouts

Time to get out your Flashcards and have a refresh of some classic roulette picture bets. Also, you will most certainly be tested on BJ payouts such as $25, $75, $90 $125, ect... so familiarize yourself again along with Poker payouts. 


What to Say when you Leave

At the end of your audition, clear your hands, thank the players, and wish them good luck. Thank the dealer and the pit boss, by name if possible. Make sure you have the shift manager's name, even if you have to ask one of the other bosses at this point. Memorize it, you may need to use it at a later time to identify who auditioned you. If you get asked later and have no clue, well, that's a mark against you.


Final Note:

No matter how your audition went, smile and be confident. Dealers who interact with the players and can smile and talk to the bosses are more likely to be hired. Even if you aren't that proficient with the cards and the chips, that can be learned with experience. A grumpy dealer with good skills is less likely to be hired. Personality can't be managed by the bosses. Only you can manage your personality! Manage it well and you'll find a job.


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