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04/04/22 - The classic job applications that will ensure the candidate won't get to interview

Applying for work is time consuming, frustrating and full of disappointments.

We hope that our advice below may help reduce the negativity and potentially take you one step closer to that all important interview in front of your future employer.




The classic job applications that will ensure the candidate won’t get to interview



If you have applied for multiple jobs and not reached even the interview stage, then there will be a reason. Take a read below and if there are any similarities with your applications then perhaps you may need a new approach.


  1. What is the job position?


Firstly read the job description and make sure you understand what the position is for. How does it match your qualifications?

Read the necessary experience and desirable qualities. If you match these then you are on a winner. If you don’t, then consider why the employee would want to hire you.


Don’t do: The employer is already assuming all the candidates will be honest and hardworking so there is little point in basing your application around this. Describing yourself as “a fast learner” is only telling the employer that they are going to have to invest time and money into you.



  1. Have you completed all the requirements the posting has requested?


Each recruiter has their own method of receiving and selecting applications. Any application that is missing any of that criteria means the recruiter has now increased their workload. The last thing they are looking to do is to reply to candidates just to fulfil the application correctly. In addition, you could be interpreted as an employee that is unable to follow instruction.


Don’t do: Sending additional information that was not requested is equally irritating for the recruiter. Attaching multiple references and/or certificates could be seen as you think highly of yourself which also suggests you will be difficult to manage.



  1. Is the position predominantly customer facing or managing employees customer facing?


Any applicant for casino work should always attach a photo to their CV. Firstly is puts a face to a name. Secondly, the employer will want assurance that the attention to appearance will continue within the work place. Not attaching a recent photo will suggest to the employer that there may be a possibility of a surprise should you be invited to interview and something they could do without.


Don’t do: A selfie is great for Facebook, but does not portray you as a serious candidate.



  1. Does your CV relate to the advertised position?


We have all done it. We have a cherished CV we are proud of and use the same one for all applications. We feel the recruiter can work out what is relevant and what isn’t. However the recruiter usually has multiple candidates to sift through. So, if you are serious about a job interview, then take a clean sheet and rewrite your career history, education and include any extracurricular activity that you are sure is relevant to the post. The recruiter will appreciate it.


Don’t do: The CV is to outline your accomplishments. Leave it to the interview to expand on those and show how you fit into the casino organisation. Don’t over-elaborate your achievements.



  1. Are there gaps in your CV?


There are many times in the casino industry that we have all faced periods of unemployment. However, stick to the factual dates. In this day and age many companies are either investigating all CV’s or a periodic search. Employers will feel that over extending employment dates to cover up gaps as dishonest and companies are within their rights to terminate your contract.


Don’t do: Equally don’t use “travelling” or other vague reasons. Best leave your gaps to the interview. Your answers will always sound better and more productive when explained face to face.



  1. Does your CV contain your entire work history?


Hiring managers and recruiters have a very short attention span. They place no importance on you being the best dice dealer in the busiest casino in the world when the company you are applying to doesn’t even have a dice table. What they want to read is if you have done the specific job before and how well you did that job. Include examples where you improved your role/department. This will show that you were able to resolve negative issues into positives. If you are applying for a managerial role then demonstrate how you lead and develop your teams.


Don’t do: Don’t emphasise previous roles that have no relevance to the job you are applying for.



  1. Have you written a cover letter?


The cover letter is a dated form of applying for any job. It was relevant when we all applied via snail mail but now is seen as an extra document that may only hinder your application with too many documents for the recruiter to take in. Now your cover letter should be your intro in your email. This is an ideal opportunity to mention why you are applying for the position, that you have understood the position and what is required. If you know the company and location then mention your reasons as to why you want to work there. The employer will be impressed that you have done some research and genuinely want the job.


Don’t do: If the introduction is over half a page then it may need rewriting. Anything over half a page becomes more difficult for the reader to retain. (We recently received a cover letter of 55 pages!)



  1. How up to date are you with technology?


Any role these days will require some interaction with IT and technology. Even if you are limited to Microsoft Office applications then make sure you detail this in your CV. Any future employer does not want to employ a technophobe so make sure your CV shows you fully embrace technology. If you have created your own programs then better. Even if you are entering copious amounts of data in your previous role then have this also demonstrates you have what it takes for repetitive work.


Don’t do: You may wish to boast of your success on social media or your own website you created, however, be sure that this will be looked into and if it doesn’t live up to your description will only impact negatively on your application. Mention your IT and social media skills only if relevant to the role you are applying for.


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