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24/06/15 - Illegal casinos of Athens surviving among a crisis

Whilst the Greek country sinks looking for lifelines to grab, the underground activities "bob" along on the surface.


The Athens casinos not only have to charge or pay Eu 6 for each visitor but since July last year also pay 32 to 35% tax daily. So the punters now head to the illegal casinos in search of a better bargain.


The illegal casinos of Athens have distinct advantages that obviously excludes them from employment law, unions, tax, entry fees, the watchful eye of the gaming Commission and commitments to social responsibility.


Punters are now cash flush as around Eu 4 million was withdrawn from Athens ATM's just over the weekend in fear of an exit from the Euro.


Greek casino staff who were victims of cost cutting redundancies have little choice but to work in the illegal casinos and surrender all their employee rights in exchange for cash to survive.


So, in the long run, has the Greek government inadvertently driven the casino business underground and jeopardised the opportunities to recuperate badly needed funds? Only the Greeks in crisis will know.


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