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01/04/22 - Top 5 Countries with Biggest Sports Betting Industry

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● China

China ranks on the list as the country with the biggest sports betting market. When we say China, we are also including their territorial expansions like Macau and Hong Kong. Casino betting and other forms of gambling are prohibited in China except for sports betting. Although there is no actual reason why the authorities made it so, the response to this effect is very huge. It is reported that China records over 11 million sports bettors every day, which will amount to 330 million bettors monthly.

● The United Kingdom

There is no exact number of sports bettors in the United Kingdom, but the sports betting industry is worth over £2.4 billion. This huge industry is attributed to the committed sports life of an average Briton. Reports have it that an average British person is so intoxicated with sports betting that they can’t imagine their life without it. This is why even local bet shops rake in millions of pounds each month, hence, the booming industry.

● Canada

With a little over $2 billion sports industry, Canada made it to the third top 5 countries with the most sports bettors. It is said that Canadians love gambling, betting, and card games. Although the government is finding it hard controlling their operations of sportsbooks, that didn’t stop a recorded 75% of Canadian residents from playing.

● Spain and Italy

Sports betting in Italy is so popular that it contributes a substantial amount to the country’s GDP. Although the major gambling revenue comes from electric slot machines, that doesn’t dismiss the fact that Italians are obsessed with football. This attitude has also been reflected in the way they stake bets and are very well known for the popular “match-fixing.” As for Spain, they are not only known for showing enormous support for their team on the field of play but that attitude is also reflected in how they bet. Because the business is legalized in the country, an average bettor is charged 20% in tax.

● Nigeria

It is estimated that there are over 60 million Nigerians, aged 18-60, who are very much into sports betting. Although it can’t be compared with their counterparts in the West, the operators are said to be taking in over $4 million annually.
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