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04/06/23 - Next Level Casino Marketing?

With the increasing popularity of social media and live streaming, gambling operators are beginning to recognize the potential benefits of spreading content from casino floors through these channels.

One such operator is MGM Resorts International who is managing nine casino resorts in Nevada alone. Recently, the company sent all employees new policies related to table games and guest technology use.

MGM's latest update includes changes to its Gaming Streaming/Video/Photo policies, which are now in effect for its Nevada-based properties. According to a statement released by the company, these changes aim to strike a balance between guest privacy and the use of technology. Before engaging in live streaming or taking videos, guests must notify the specific venue's management team and obtain approval before setting up a camera.

The updated policies also allow players to send texts during table games, as long as they do not delay the ongoing game. Guests can briefly talk on their phones if they are not currently playing a round. Additionally, visitors are permitted to take photos of their card hands for personal reasons.

However, there are also actions that are forbidden for table game players. Guests are not allowed to leave any objects on the table for extended periods, engage in long phone conversations, or take photos of gaming equipment. To protect the privacy of casino employees and other players, guests are also prohibited from taking their pictures or photographing others. Playing music, recording audio, or any other audio-related activities (unless necessary for streaming) are also not allowed.

Overall, MGM's updated policies aim to balance the use of technology with guest privacy and the protection of casino employees and other players. By implementing these changes, the company hopes to provide a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all guests.

It is great news that casinos are waking up and adapting to lifestyle changes in technology and social media but what hasn't been addressed yet is the opportunity for proxy betting in restricted markets.

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