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19/08/13 - The Real Cost Of Full Time Employees

Consider the “real” total cost of your FULL TIME employee

  • Cost of hiring a new person (advertising, interviewing, screening, hiring)
  • Cost of onboarding a new person (training, management time)
  • Lost productivity (a new person may take 1-2 years to reach the productivity of an existing person)
  • Lost engagement (customer service reps tend to either quit or transfer as soon as possible. This can have a negative effect on the perception of customer service personnel amongst the rest of the team).
  • Customer service and errors (new employees take longer and are often less adept at solving problems). In the competitive world of online gaming your cherished customer will simply jump ship if dissatisfied with the service received.
  • Training cost (over 2-3 years you likely invest 10-20% of an employee's salary or more in training, that is gone should that post become free again).
  • Financial impact. Covering sickness, vacations and other leave entitlements can become very costly.


At AACasino Ltd we aim to reduce your expenditure on staffing your operation but increase your flexibility. You hire as and when you need.


We are experienced professionals in the gaming industry and have both experienced in all aspects of all products.



The positions we have expertise in are Telebetting, Fraud, KYC services, Customer Services (Casino, Exchange, Sports, Poker, Bingo and Skill Games).


Contact us now and we will meet with you personally and at a time of your convenience to discuss further.



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