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30/08/13 - What to love about living in Las Vegas


Las Vegans love tolerating the heat when the tourists can’t, and it got us thinking. What other things do Las Vegans seem to love, or love to hate?


We turned to social media to get answers, and weren’t disappointed. Here’s a look at 13 things locals said Las Vegans love:



Mocking people who think it’s hot

When a region hits the news for hitting triple digits, we roll our eyes. Tourists are complaining about the heat while we’re questioning how long a cool spell is going to last. It’s all relative, but we’re relatively certain we’ll take 110 over 10 inches of snow any day.


Hating the cold

On the flip side, getting used to the heat means a lower tolerance for cold. We may laugh at the tourist who shows up in January in shorts and a tank top, but you can’t take a Las Vegan to New York in December without hearing the refrain, “But I’m from Las Vegas!”


Locals rewards

You can bet we’re not paying full price for anything when friends from out of town visit (or ever). A wallet full of rewards cards gets us discounts at buffets, shows and almost anything else we can think of.


24-hour everything

“I like being able to eat anything and everything at any hour of the day,” Reddit user Nekronicle wrote. So do we, Nekronicle. So do we.


People watching

A night on the town is a people watching buffet.


Day and weekend trips

We’re close enough to L.A. to spend the weekend on the beach, and close enough to Utah to spend the day at Zion National Park or go snowboarding at Brian Head. And we get to come home after.


Nature closer to home

If we don’t want to cross state lines, though, we have Mount Charleston, Red Rock, Lake Mead and Springs Preserve. Winter sunsets and mountain views without a valley coated in snow complete the picture, according to our Facebook fans.


Being the Entertainment Capital of the World

The entertainment options are endless, but what about world-class shopping? We’ve got it. Any kind of food you can think of? That too. And we can take part without having to use a vacation day.


Cheap flights to almost anywhere

When we do want to get away, though, we have plenty of options, thanks to Las Vegas being such a tourist destination. It’s not difficult to find a good price on a flight to almost anywhere we’d want to go.


The cost of living

It’s not bad. Las Vegas is about average when it comes to groceries, housing, transportation, utilities and healthcare, according to research by the Council for Community and Economic Research. And we may be smaller than other well-known cities, but it’s also drastically cheaper to live here than in, say, New York or San Francisco. Plus, no state income tax.


Complaining about tourists even when we shouldn’t

Yes, we know we owe our economy to the group of college students holding up the line at the gas station because one forgot his I.D., but that doesn’t mean we won’t complain about it. It’s our God-given right as Las Vegans.



Avoiding the Strip

We know a lot of people come to Vegas for the Strip. But we also know the city is more than just the Strip, and the “more” part is a lot easier to get around. We’re quick to say we “don’t remember the last time I went to the Strip,” or complain about the traffic and tourists — see above — when we do go.


Being thick-skinned

It’s always en vogue to talk about how dirty Las Vegas is, how despicable the culture is or how it isn’t possible that anyone could actually like living in Las Vegas. People love to hate Las Vegas, even some locals. But the rest of us defend it, wearing our residency with pride.


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