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Gaming Shift Manager - Africa

Published on: 17/07/23 Expires on: 16/07/24
  • Job Type: Gaming Shift Manager for casino in Africa
  • Job Description:

    ​Post Has Now Been Filled


    A major international casino operator is looking for an English speaking shift manager for their luxury new casino and prestigious premises in Sierra Leone


    The following duties (not limited to): 

    • Oversees overall status of the casino
    • Oversees overall status of the casino for the shift
    • Communicates with the CM all the time regarding operations matters
    • Checks daily results and consult CM for instructions for appropriate actions
    • Coordinate with the Surveillance Dept. regarding suspicious movements of players
    • Checks table status and results regularly.
    • Supervise the smooth flow of operations
    • Formulate activities that would raise employee morale and enthusiasm
    • Train or brief Pitbosses regarding new issues and changes in the operations
    • Submit Shift Report to CM
    • Check the casino for any physical signs of problems, hazard or issues and report it to the concerned department
    • Coordinate with the Surveillance Dept. about issues and problems that can affect overall casino operations.


  • Salary/Package:


    • $3,750 a month
    • To include accommodation
    • Flights
    • Paid vacation



  • Experience:


    • 3 years Supervisory/ Managerial position in a Casino
  • Essential Experience:


    • College degree or equivalent in experience
    • English speaking
  • Desirable Qualities:


    • Previously worked in Africa
    • Chinese speaking would be advantageous 


  • How to Apply:
    • Apply with CV of relevant career history to support previous experience.
    • Include a cover letter describing your suitability for the role.

    Include the following;

    • Your notice period

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