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The AACasino Training Solution

Published on: 26/05/15 Expires on: 26/05/16
  • Job Type: The all-round Training Solution for your casino
  • Job Description:


    AACasino are casino trainers of the highest level.


    So what sets them apart from the rest??


    1. They train all casino games in half the time.
    2. They train surveillance officers in cheat detection, reporting and employee analysis.
    3. They train Pitboss and Management in casino administration and employee development.


  • Salary/Package:


    Their training modules are the sharpest and fastest in the business.


    What does this mean for the casino?


    • It means that the trainees are ready for real customers in under half the time of other trainers and training schools.
    • The trainees spend less time in the school and sooner on the tables earning their first wages.
    • The casino pays less in expenses such as the trainer fees and time off-floor for any experienced staff being used.
    • It increases sooner the staffing levels back into the break list so more tables open.


  • Experience:



    AACasino have developed their own unique trainee analysis program.


    How does an anaysis of trainees skills benefit the casino?


    The analysis program speaks volumes for the casino.

    1. It demonstrates the speed of the training school and the sklills level the trainees achieve.
    2. The casino managers have a "real time" record of trainees progress.
    3. The trainers are able to feedback to the trainees their weaknesses and strengths for further development.
    4. Once experienced casino staff are brought in for analysis and refrersher, the staistics speak for themselves.


  • Essential Experience:


    So what are the minimum requirements for the trainees?


    In brief, there aren't any. AACasino have a proven history of training the "un-trainables".


    AACasino have created croupiers from the following:

    • candidates with no mutual language between trainer and trainee.
    • candidates who have missing fingers such as the all important index or the ring fingers.
    • candidates who are demotivatyed and dejected haviing not received any further training or development.
    • candidates reluctant for training or to progress.
    • candidates challenged by height or appearance.


  • Desirable Qualities:



    What makes an ideal trainee candidate?


    To be able to listen is the all important key factor.

    The casino industry has a strict heirachy. Trainees who can grasp and follow this will inevitably be more success in their career.


  • How to Apply:


    Contact us for our feedback into your staffing needs.


    We can provide you a complete solution should you wish or need.


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