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Secret shopper reporting on existing operations

80% of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service.
8% of people think these same companies deliver “superior” customer service.


Source: “Customer Service Hell” by Brad Tuttle, Time 2011


Any casino will spend a fortune to get a player in the casino premises only to lose that investment due to bad customer service. Our Secret Shopper experience begins from the first point of contact, usually marketing, and follows the customer experience along the path of firstly contacting the casino by email and telephone for general information or speaking to employees directly. Then traveling to the casino, observing the ease at which a customer may arrive, park, register and enter. How the games are promoted and managed monitoring the staff skills and efficiency is only part of our analysis. Then we move to the auxiliary facilities of customer care including entertainment, F&B and efforts made for customer retention. And finally, we examine the complaints procedure, availability for feedback and processing of this information to management.


All our findings are documented, substantiated with evidence and live examples and concluded with our suggested methods of development to eradicate any flaws that are unearthed. Our services are totally FREE should we not be able to offer an insight for the casino owner on how the business is being run and provide solutions for improving the customer experience.


More details on our Secret Shopper programe, click here for our latest published article in the casino media.


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