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AACASINO provides a “fresh eyes” view of your entire casino operations and will provide solutions to optimise your business, measure and motivate your employees, increase your casino productivity, and enable you the casino executive to extend your overall view of the business.


·       Management of customer traffic flow

·       Optimisation of casino employees

·       Analysis of casino games

  • number of roulette spins per hour
  • efficiency and security of games
  • number of hands of blackjack per hour
  • length of each coup
  • length of and efficacy of each shuffle

·       Pitboss training in operating pit efficiently

·       Floor manager training and increase in productivity

·       New dealer (3 games in 4 weeks)

·       Supervisor training in player win/loss tracking

·       CCTV observation and reporting;

  • training new and existing CCTV operators
  • training on observation and reporting techniques
  • introducing and training on cheat detection
  • introducing and training on collating data AND proactively spotting trends
  • how to locate employee collusion for internal theft
  • card counting and prevention
  • calculation techniques

·       Securing cash desk and all cash handling

·       Marketing campaigns and result analysis



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