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Casino Staff Improvement Program

In a period of time that casinos are now offering generous player rebates, local government is taxing heavily, the number of operational hours is restricted - your workforce needs to be finely tuned in order to perform to maximum potential for the casino owners.


How are you at present measuring the quality and efficiency of your employee team?

  • Word of mouth?

  • Perception?

  • Reputation?

  • Opinion of management?


How can you measure your staff productivity?


It's as simple as 1,2,3

  1. AACASINO will examine and measure all customer-facing/serving staff on their core skills and record them into a database to pinpoint weaknesses.

  2. AACASINO will then feedback to employees on all positive aspects and together develop a bespoke improvement training program to enhance the agreed weaker details.

  3. AACASINO will record and analyse all data to demonstrate previous employee performance along with visible improvement for management to continue the program.


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