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Best Practices for Employee Feedback & Reviews


Feedback is the Breakfast Of Champions


Unless your team know what they are doing right, they can't begin to improve on what they are doing wrong.


AACASINO have developed their unique employee appraisal program for casino management and team-leaders to communicate regularly with employees.


Positives v Negatives


Management and employees alike are more inclined to bring up performance with negative aspects. Already the discussion is on the defense for either party.


AACasino focus on positive points to demonstrate the appreciation of the casino for the employee contribution. Soliciting information from the employee to ensure the discussion remains on a positive note and substantial contribution from the employee.


AACasino then solicit from the employee their thoughts on weaker areas that could require development and assistance to improve on.


Subsequently the employee appraisal form previous completed by management is introduced to demonstrate any agreements in the positives and acknowledgement of negative performance aspects. 


Finally an agreed development program is documented and signed off to be discussed in the next appraisal meeting.



  • The speaking ratio should always be 10% management, 90% employee.
  • The time duration needs to be managed but the employee should feel their are no time constraints.
  • The objective is for the employee to leave the meeting on 'a high' feeling content their contributions are appreciated and that they are aware of how they can improve and progress within the casino company.
  • Feedback reviews need to be held regularly to both streamline the process and measure employee skills.


For more information on the AACasino Feedback & Review


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