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Insurance For Casino Promotions

Offer out of this world prizes - but protect your risk


In this day of billion-dollar prizes, you need to entice your customers to your business with something to whet the appetite. However, the objective is to bring more customers, more participants and therefore increase the chances of someone winning your prize.


Previously the cash value of the prize needed to be set aside in case the prize was won. This tied up a lot of funds that could be used elsewhere.


Through our trusted partners, AACASINO can work with you to create a Risk-Protected Promotion and provide your insurance against a lucky customer walking away with the winning a prize.


We will also use our experience within the betting industry and help you set up a promotion that stands out from more typical types of contests, and generate new, creative and highly engaging concepts for prizes and promotions that will make your business stand out from the rest.


Speak to us now on the following;

  • Games of Skill
  • Games of Chance
  • Sales Promotions
  • Prediction Contests
  • Casinos
  • Horse Racing
  • Game Shows
  • Unusual Feats
  • Collect and Win
  • Creative Solutions




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