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Surveillance & Fraud Training


Are you looking to recruit new surveillance officers and managers?


AACASINO provides training and recruitment services for the surveillance department to bring fresh recruits and develop the existing officers to move up the career ladder.

Firstly to measure and motivate your surveillance employees, increase the department casino productivity, and enable the surveillance management to oversee the process without taking them away from their regular duties.


Our services will include the following;

1. Setup of a reporting and analysis system


2. Training in;

  • correct and effective report writing,
  • card counting,
  • cheat detection,
  • camera coverage to minimise the black-spots,


3. Analysis of casino games;

  • number of roulette spins per hour
  • efficiency and security of games
  • number of hands of blackjack per hour
  • length of each coup
  • length of and efficacy of each shuffle


4. Supervisor training in employee feedback and appraisal,


5. Surveillance officer training in table games bet calculation,


6. Procedure manuals bespoke to the casino and the CCTV department,


7. Monitoring processes in;

  • count procedures,
  • dropbox collections,
  • opening & closing of tables,
  • handling of fills & credits,
  • Cash handling and chip control in the cash desk


8. Player ID document verification training and how to spot fake documents.


9. AML and KYC processes review,


10. Daily monitoring the productivity of the CCTV department;

  • as a team,
  • per shift,
  • per supervisor and 
  • per the individual CCTV officer.


Our Aim Is To Provide Full Transparency And Accountability Of The Department 



CONTACT US to discuss how we can improve your casino CCTV department.


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