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Forget New Ideas and Equipment. Enhance your Surveillance Team with Development, Feedback and Enhanced Productivity



The most important aspect in the surveillance department is the staff training and the supportive training they will continue receiving during their employment within the department. Structural feedback is the key to success when is conducted in a correct manner and a frequent timeline.


The old phrase “surveillance observes and reports” is just not enough nowadays.


How do you organise a shift and who is watching what? How have you structured your monitors and what are they looking at? Have you got people who can step in when an emergency occurs? Can they multitask in their duties? 


Is your staff fully trained in the basic drills, adding up bets, cash desk transactions, monitoring closely table closing/opening, drop&tip box collection, slots, count process and so on, but also be fully aware of their system, camera positions, fixed and PTZ’s, how many in the premises, scammers, cheat moves etc? How do you know that your guys are qualified in what they are watching? How do you know that they even fully understand what is required of them to do? 


In our selection process, we take anyone as far as they have the right attitude and there is something about them. We even recruit from the casino itself, usually, the gaming staff has the interest to develop their skills and can see it is a good opportunity for them. This is usually viewed with dislike from everybody in the casino, but you will choose a person who you know will keep discrete and will not share any information. From previous experiences, people as such were a great success and a good addition to the surveillance department.


Firstly, you must analyse the strengths and weakness of the team and then each employee individually, measure their progress objectively, provide relevant training to support them and feedback to them regularly. Feedback is fundamental and not just a box-ticking exercise. It needs to be constructive and to have significant value to be effective. Even a positive one, not just a "well done" but why, otherwise it is not productive, and it is equally as negative. It must be specific, meaningful and goal-oriented. This will allow you not only to get to know them in person, but it will make them feel valued. This process will also allow you to see who the real performer is and who is just hiding behind an impression you might have had for that person. Surveillance productivity is equally important as gaming productivity. 


Many surveillance managers when they take over a new department, will try to come up with some "must" changes. 


First, they will issue a new set of procedures that are nearly always taken from another casino, usually a long endless book with complex language and processes that may not even apply to the current premises but if it is a long one it must be good, right?


The next thing the manager will do is to go and buy some new gadget that is a must to keep up with the new technology and to be on the same page with the scammers. At the end of the day, we need to know what new technology is out there and be familiar with it so we know if anyone uses it, we can identify it and we can catch them, correct? 


We are not saying no to technology but before you start thinking of spending money you need to invest in your staff. If your staff is competent in the daily processes, you are teaching them basic skills, psychology of players, body language, betting patterns, card counting, basic AML, proactive investigation in any suspicious activity to prevent and protect, then you will build a strong team. 


Going back to basics before moving forward is the key. Teach them all the old cheat moves because they are all coming back. Invest in your staff, test them regularly and develop them. Each casino has different needs and requirements and to be able to succeed you need to roll your sleeves up. We do not offer endless generic manuals to read or provide pointless PowerPoint presentations that will make you forget everything once you are out. We teach the staff to be analytical, accountable, proactive, and able to conduct satisfactory communicative reports. 


Everybody wants to catch the cheats, but there is some work to be done in between before this can be successfully done. 


Our processes are well documented and are significantly more advanced than those of the majority in the industry and they do result in success in both staff training and financial results, which we pride ourselves on.


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