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The World's only Casino Croupier Championship.



The objective of any worker's competition is so to motivate employees, make them put in more effort, and achieve results. Indeed, competition increases physiological and psychological activation, which prepares the body and mind for increased effort and enables higher performance.


The Objective.

Our aim is to provide skills measurement, improvement training and ultimately feedback to participating dealers on all results from the testing and measuring program.


Management is often using opinion and time spent with employees to make their own judgement on skills. We aim to enlighten participating casino management on information on employee performance including skill improvements from the beginning to the end of the program.


The Results.

All results are provided back to the casino employees and management to enable greater insight into the productivity of the dealers and to demonstrate the casinos' productivity in comparison with other participating casinos, shifts, and groups.


The Participants.

We are bringing the competition to the casino. There is no limitation on the number of dealers who may participate. There are no restrictions on the length of service, language, gender, and location.


The Duration.


  • The first phase will be over three days. Up to 4 hours for the exercises and up to 2 hours for the Feedback sessions.
  • The second phase will be over two days for the top 3 participants. Each participant will have an hour of roulette and an hour of blackjack analysed.
  • The third phase will be a feedback exchange session for management on the results of the program, the individual participants and overall in terms of skills. We also seek management feedback on the program.



⇒ The First Phase Competition Criteria.

All participants are invited to trials on 7 critical chip skills, calculation, roulette spin and fluidity of blackjack.

Up to 10 participants at a time over 3 days will be measured and recorded. With breaks, the approximate duration will be up to 4 hours.

All participants will have individual feedback sessions on their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This will be up to 2 hours to speak with each participant individually.


  • The first day to enable everyone to refamiliarize themselves with the core skills plus feedback.
  • The second day will be with improvement training prior to the trials and then feedback afterwards.
  • The third day will begin with skill enhancement training and then the final measurement recording session. Afterwards will be the final feedback session.


The chosen dealer's skills to be tested are simplistic in their approach but are complex in the number of additional skills that are being evaluated in the role of casino dealer.


The three candidates with the highest-scoring will be going through to the second phase.



⇒ The Second Phase Competition Criteria.

The top three participants in the skills testing will be selected for live analysis. This will be analysing footage of a live game in two aspects.


  • The first aspect is target analysis, measuring the number of players, number of bets, average value of bets, number of coups, number of shuffles, duration of shuffle, and number of spins. (If the dealer is using an automated shuffler then this is to be factored into the measurements.
  • The second aspect is a plus/minus points system, observing proactive gestures, fluidity of games, customer service, unnecessary gestures and movements, errors, unnecessary delays, productivity and optimisation of the games.


The duration of 3 participants will be up to 4 hours per participant.



⇒ The Third Phase Competition Criteria.

This will be a feedback session with management on the findings of the groups in the trials and improvements where applicable.

Then a discussion on the analysis results of the top three participants. As the plus and minus points system is the only aspect of the process the marks awarded and deducted are to be discussed with the managers to mutually agree.



The results, and what happens To them?

Our intention is to create a leader board on a dedicated website.

Results can be anonymous or removed if desired by any casino.

However, the casino management can make their own arrangements on how to award the winning participants such as prizes, end of the year awards, staff presentations, mentions in staff magazines, and casino social media.



The necessary equipment.

Phase 1:
  • Access to two roulettes and two card tables with the minimum amount of roulette casino chips to 1,000 chips per 10 candidates.
  • Two blackjack shoes and four decks of cards
  • Twelve A4 clipboards, paper and pencils.


Note* There is no need for any other casino employee or management to be involved and taken away from regular duties other than the 10 participants for the testing however the process can be under camera coverage and casual observers are welcome too.

However, we welcome management to join in the feedback sessions in an observation role. This will give management both a deeper insight into their employees and an opportunity to observe the employee feedback process of seeking feedback from the employee and having them acknowledge and agree on skills development.



Phase 2:

One hour of active footage of both Blackjack and Roulette for the top 3 candidates of phase 1.

This is preferably handed to us on a stick so we can watch on a laptop and take our time in the review but equally, we are open to a specified location and in live too if necessary.


Phase 3:

Meeting room. The location can be in any room on or offsite of the casino.

Management is provided all the data collected and invited to provide their own views on the plus/minus observation awarding system.



The reasoning behind the Dealer Championships.


There are numerous casino dealer competitions that are set in-house for one casino or company, a group of casinos, regional, national or international in respect to a chosen continent.


Each competition differs in criteria and judging. However, the running similarities are that the skills test doesn’t always reflect the true nature of the casino dealer’s role.


There are false skills testing meaning the testing involved generally does not happen or not even at all. Our skills testing involves true skills testing meaning that each test is a measure of the basic skills that all casino dealers use.


In addition, the judges don’t necessarily have the dealer skills needed to make an accurate judgement or that they are all following the same gauge.


As each competition involves different criteria is it impossible to measure the participants of one competition against the other participants of another competition thus the competitions become insular and not comparative.


The competitions do all tend to involve many table games employees and management that then need to be taken off their duties. Participating dealers need to be taken off the regular schedule and management is taken away from duties to oversee.


The costs can be prohibitive for smaller casino companies to send representatives to a competition or unworkable if they are unable to free the employees from their duties in the casino.


Our judging system provides a level playing field for all contestant dealers to be evaluated on identical aspects that are integral to the role of casino dealers.


Furthermore, bringing competition to the casino enables all participants to enter without the dilemma of logistics and costs.




The benefits of the Croupier Championships for the casino.


The dealers will become motivated into improving their skills just by the nature of competitiveness amongst their colleagues.


The dealers will have an accurate and unbiased measurement of their skills and feedback on where and how they can improve their skills.


The management will have an unbiased assessment of the participating dealers and a snapshot also of the casino productivity with views from fresh eyes on where there are positives and negatives impacting the business operations.


The management will be welcome to join in the feedback sessions as an observer to have a fuller understanding of the dealers’ skills and to observe the feedback process of seeking and providing feedback to an employee.


The recent pandemic has made travel and the gathering of large groups restrictive or even prohibitive. Bringing the competition to the casino greatly reduces costs, reduces employees taken off regular duties and provides an unbiased view into the business that can ultimately be compared with those within the same group of the company, same region, or country or even to measure against competitors.


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