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Bricks and Mortar Casinos


We analyse the current casino operations in factual data and provide solutions in terms of;

  • Management of customer traffic flow
  • Optimisation of casino employees
  • Analysis of casino games
    • number of roulette spins per hour
    • efficiency and security of the games
    • number of hands of blackjack per hour
    • length of each coup
    • length of and efficacy of each shuffle
  • Pitboss training in operating pit efficiently
  • Floor manager training and increase in productivity
  • New dealer (3 games in 4 weeks)
  • Supervisor training in player win/loss tracking
  • CCTV observation and reporting;
    • training new and existing CCTV operators
    • training on observation and reporting techniques
    • introducing and training on cheat detection
    • introducing and training on collating data AND proactively spotting trends
    • how to locate employee collusion for internal theft
    • card counting and prevention
    • calculation techniques
  • Securing cash desk and all cash handling
  • Marketing campaigns and result analysis



Online Gaming and Casinos

We will source a new Online gaming site for you. Once we have listened to your needs, analysed your budgets and target markets, we will connect you with the perfect solution to get your business functioning as soon as possible for maximum returns.


Our experience in regulatory and licensing matters will put you in touch with the top experts of the industry so not only will you be licensed but launching your business with customer confidence and industry recognition.


Our Online business portfolio consists of new casino software, existing operations as a going concern, a wide range white label solutions to suit your budget, a range of live dealer studios to suit your clientele, sportsbetting and bingo, live lottery platforms and all the available payment options to ensure customers may deposit and withdraw securely and swiftly.


Staffing any online business can be costly in the beginning in recruiting the correct personnel, training of back office applications and utilising staff efficiently to maximise customer service whilst keep costs down to protect your ROI. We will provide all your staffing needs with our experienced trainers, our database of available staff and help you cover temporary roles to meet your business demands as and when you need.


Our website link that leads to our full services
In addition, we broker casinos for sale between buyer and seller and advertise casinos businesses and ships on our website.





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