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Every year, the gaming industry suffers significant financial losses due to the activities of highly organized, experienced, and well-funded international teams whose sole objective is to infiltrate gaming establishments. This risk is particularly pronounced during the initial opening phase of a casino, when the gaming staff is still unfamiliar with one another and with the players. It is during this vulnerable period that professionals can exploit the situation. As time goes on, these unwanted guests become increasingly skilled and audacious in their illicit activities.


To address this pressing issue, AACASINO is proud to introduce a cutting-edge cheat-detection platform. Drawing on decades of cheat experience, this platform is available to casinos worldwide on a nominal subscription basis. Its primary purpose is to assist casino management, security, and surveillance departments in identifying persons of interest (POIs). These individuals encompass a wide range of nefarious characters, including known fraudsters, dishonest casino staff members, scammers, money launderers, terrorists, organized criminal groups (OCGs), loan sharks, kidnappers, pickpockets, and wanted criminals pursued by law enforcement.


The database of over 22,700 profiles of POIs is an indispensable tool for any casino business and is regularly updated daily. Each profile offers a wealth of information, including known aliases, associates, facial images, video footage, the modus operandi of the POI, and their game preferences. The ability to identify a POI as soon as they enter your establishment is undeniably invaluable. Conversely, failing to recognize the presence of one of these individuals can have dire consequences for your bottom-line profits. The information provided by this database is vital in combating fraud and restoring the true percentage hold, thereby increasing profitability.


Operating 24/7, this surveillance assistant comes at a fraction of the cost of even a trainee surveillance agent. It provides peace of mind that you simply cannot afford to overlook.


In conclusion, AACASINO and its partners can provide a cheat-detection platform that offers a professional and comprehensive solution as well as a piece of mind.


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